I’ve just returned from a relaxing short break in Malta – a small island just south of Italy. We decided on Malta purely for the guaranteed heat and sunshine, and well also because it was a fair bit cheaper than our first choice Santorini! What we discovered about Malta… It’s full of the English! Indeed… Read More Malta


In July last year (blimey time goes by fast, I’ve only just had time to finish this), my best friend and I visited Vienna; the trip was a belated 21st birthday present. If I’m honest, I was surprised that she chose Vienna as our next ‘escapade abroad’, because I had never even considered or mentioned… Read More Vienna


Amsterdam in 7 bullet points: Canals for days Bicycles EVERYWHERE Frites…mmm Friendly locals:) Streets so clean you could almost eat your dinner off the floor (but obviously not) Heineken Coffee shops (actually cafes where you can smoke marijuana, not a place to take granny for a cup of tea) If I’m honest, before the trip… Read More Amsterdam


Earlier this month, I took my friend to Budapest for her 21st birthday. Now, this was meant to be a surprise and of course, I accidentally went and told her a week prior to our departure didn’t I?! I’d managed to keep it a secret for 2 whole months and in the last week, it… Read More Budapest